Cybersecurity Consulting

A cybersecurity strategy that doesn´t limit you.

Foster and promote a cybersecurity culture, bridging the gap between technology, the organization and employees.

State-of-the-art technologies

We are committed to investing in innovation and new technologies. We are equipped with the latest tools to solve our customers' current and future challenges. Partnerships with market-leading cybersecurity vendors and start-ups around the world offer our customers access to a wide range of cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and technological innovation.

Cyber risk management.

We cover all aspects of cyber risks: from consulting and implementation of strategic transformations to managed security services, product solutions and incident management.

This aspect offers stronger solutions that break down silos, taking into account the entire business chain. In this way, our customers further leverage their potential and growth.

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CISO as a Service

Your cyber team expansion

The role of CISO has gone from being an innovative solution to having a necessary role at the forefront of today's business vision, which is being altered by digital technology.

In response to this disruption, SymbioLAB has increased the value in the depth and breadth of the service. CISO.

In our CISO as a Service, we consider the challenges and priorities based on the NIST framework. Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.

A Clear Cybersecurity Consulting

As the number and complexity of cyber-attacks grow daily, security becomes increasingly vital. Most companies cannot afford a dedicated cybersecurity team, provide training, or manage the technologies necessary for compliance and protection. The more sophisticated the threats in IT, the more specialized the response and expertise of those responsible must be. This is where the CISO as a Service comes to rescue. 

CISO Consulting Services provide companies with an information security expert who has the experience and capabilities to assist, develop, create and implement a unique strategy. The CISO has strong IT leadership experience and is proficient in risk management.

Scope of the CISO's activities

Take your risk management program to the next level

Long-term view of risk management

Holistic, proactive approach

To implement information security in your organization, ensuring short and long term benefits to strengthen internal cyber awareness and skills.

Meaningful Knowledge

You will gain the ability to think ahead and identify both the risks and opportunities of new technology trends, such as surveillance, digital payments, cloud, etc.


You will get services tailored to your exact needs and time.