ASM - Surface attack

Find out what you are exposed to.

Discover. Validate. Mitigate.

Why protect yourself with ASM?

To know where cybercriminals can attack, you first need to know how they view your external attack surface. With business changes, migration to the cloud, shadow IT, this surface is constantly changing.

These changes, which often escape annual assessments, represent windows of opportunity for cybercriminals looking to bypass your defenses. We'll provide you with the context and information you need to reduce your external risk. Leverage our unique perspective to prioritize findings, patch vulnerabilities, 

remediate misconfigured systems and taking old or out-of-service assets offline. Our system is continuously updated from different intelligence sources with the latest information on vulnerabilities and threats.

Get the hacker's point of view

Descubrimiento avanzado de activos e identificación continua de todos sus activos expuestos, utilizando los motores de descubrimiento más sofisticados. Retome el control de sus activos expuestos con nuestro ASM (Administración de la Superficie de Ataque).

Infraestructura | Configuración de la nube | Credenciales filtradas | Activos expuestos |  Fugas de datos

Validate the risk

Avoid non-compliance. Use Cynergy's automated mitigation engines or have one of our experts do it for you.

Validation | Prioritization | Compromise evaluation| Dependency-check

Attack avoidance

We guide you to mitigate vulnerabilities with our ASM. With supervised remediation, validation and processes to decrease false positives and provide accurate results.

CVE – Patches | Threat hunting | Troubleshooting

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